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Allied Health Pathways

STHS Allied Health Pathway provides college preparation & career opportunities in multiple allied healthcare, dental, fitness and exercise fields.

sports medicine

Sports Medicine Pathway

STHS Sports Medicine program’s mission is to provide academic & practical skills for students considering careers in the medical field including kinesiology, athletic training, emergency medicine, physical therapy, or other medical careers.

Sports Medicine 1

Students will study human anatomy, medical terminology, exercise fitness, athletic training & emergency medicine in order to have a solid foundational knowledge of injury management.

Sports Medicine 2

Intro to Athletic Training & Physical Therapy class with students learning evaluation, treatment, evaluation & management of common injuries and be a student trainer with sports teams.

Sports Medicine 3

Project based class where students apply their knowledge of kinesiology, nutrition & injury prevention as well as being student trainers with sports teams.

Sports Medicine 4

Six-week Barton Hospital Externship (72 hrs) offered every spring term covering 6 different departments so students get a true medical experience.

exercise science

Exercise Science Pathway

STHS Exercise Science program’s mission is to provide academic & practical skills for students considering careers in the fitness industry including kinesiology, strength and conditioning, personal training, coaching, sports psychology, and athletic training.

Exercise Science 1

In this course, students will learn the basics of exercise technique, personal training, and injury prevention in a weight room setting.

Exercise Science 2

This course is designed to familiarize the student with injury prevention programs, athletic conditioning and strength training. Students receive LTCC dual enrollment and have the opportunity to earn their NSCA- Certified Personal Trainer credential.

dental assistant

Dental Assisting Pathway

STHS Dental Assisting program’s mission is to prepare students for employment by providing quality patient care and advanced educational curriculum opportunities in a variety of careers in the dental profession.

Dental 1

Students will learn the skills necessary to begin their career as an entry-level, back office dental assistant. Students cover an introduction to dental anatomy and microbiology.

Dental 2

Students will continue to learn dental assisting skills to move into an advanced career in the medical/dental field including an introduction to radiology with students taking x-rays on dental manikins, learning back office equipment maintenance & advanced dental care.

Dental 3

This course prepares students for positions as dental assistants by improving their basic & advanced assisting procedures and radiology techniques. The focus in this course is on acquiring advanced dental assisting skills through externship placement and lab practice. Students will take X-rays on humans, practice and perfect their chairside skills in an actual dentist office and will meet with the instructor on a weekly basis for additional skill practice.