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STHS Arts, Media and Entertainment Pathway provides college preparation & career opportunities in Photography, Graphic Design and Live Broadcast in order to launch careers in media arts.

digital photo

Digital Photography

Digital photography is taught as an art class that teaches the creative use of camera and computer programs for the student to express their ideas and who they are as an individual. 

Digital Photo 1

Students will learn basic digital photography skills and basic computer programs for photography and graphic designs for the purpose of original self expression.

Digital Photo 2

Students will further explore digital camera technology and computer programs for more advanced creative self expression on individual long term projects.

Digital Photo 3

Students will learn career skills and connect to university advanced art photography skills. Individual expression, photography history and creative use of computer technology for graphics and photography.

digital arts

Graphic Design

Students will learn myriad print media design skills so that they can successfully produce analog media items such as magazines, books, and screen printed goods.

Graphic Design 1

Students will learn how to design creative artwork and develop skills in layout, use of color and composition as needed to create print content and media. Students will develop a strong understanding of the role of design in our culture and explore careers for graphic designers while assembling a portfolio of work for college admissions, internships and jobs.

Graphic Design 2

Students will continue to expand their analog print media design skills and start incorporating entrepreneurship elements so that they have a foundational understanding of how a small business operates within the graphic arts field. Students will create graphic content utilizing advanced skills.

digital video production

Broadcast & Entertainment

Broadcast & Video Production is training the next generation of content creators at STHS! Build your digital skillset and take the reins of live and pre recorded content creation for your fellow students. You’ll learn the in-and-out of our advanced studio and field operations all while you learn to capture the perspective and information for our campus community.

TV Production

Students study live television studio production in order to make a daily morning announcement show.

Broadcast Entertainment 1

Students study live field broadcast production and app design in order to build engaging experiences for a live audience.

Broadcast Entertainment 2

Students study live field broadcast production and app design in order to design and execute multiple engaging experiences for a large live audience.